About Boxtor
  • Name: Boxtor "Boxty" Huskie
  • Age: Adult Husky
  • Species: Digital Husky
  • Sex: Male
  • Orientation: Complex
  • Fur Color: Generic Grey and White Husky
  • PawPads: Pink
  • Eyes: Ice Blue
  • Clothing: Typically seen with Green Boxer Shorts with the letters FX somewhere on them.

Description: Just after two years since FurriesXtreme's first launch, it had accumulated a sizable mass of users and content. Within the dark numerical code, a swift spark of creation exploded from a 404 error. That spark brought forth, Boxtor, the digital incarnation of FX! A freak miracle, Boxtor was encoded/created with the playful mentality that so many users on FX possessed. He has been digitized with nothing but his personal laptop and inviting green boxers (from which he was named after). He has wandered through each page, viewed users and has/will continue to make new friends. He is FX's biggest fan and forever be it's encouragement and growth.

Want to Draw a Banner, Create a Fursuit, Make a Game, Market or Give other Talents to FX?

We are a community run free site, running on donations of the Network Creator and donations from our Partners and Featured VIF Members (shown on the front page after you login and/or are activated) so we can't afford to give you money :( sorry! But there are benefits for Furs who want to do things for the site, such as: Create a Furry Game (LARP or Card), Draw Art or a Banner, Create a Fursuit, Market us to Conventions by hosting parties or giving out flyers, or any other talents you may want to share with the network.

Thousands of furs visit our site weekly, and with over 6k members, your creativity may even serve as an ad for your work! For instance, on artwork you can put your name and a link to your art gallery or commission info page and it's like free marketing! Plus We give anyone who donates talents or money to us a free VIF Trial Membership, so you'll be able to feature uploaded content, and unlimited media uploads/views on the site daily.

Art Guidelines:

  • Size: 1500x413
  • Resolution 300 or higher
  • Leave empty space for our logo
  • FX should be on the Boxers and visible
  • Boxty must be in the image, you can add extra characters interacting with him though.
  • Image must be Clean and Colored
  • No Nudity in the banner, but you can be suggestive
  • Artist information should be on the image but not as a large watermark, somewhere visible but not obscure.
  • Nothing that violates our TOS (no illegal activities, racist, sexist views.. etc)
  • Official FX LOGO can be downloaded here: http://www.furriesxtreme.org/modules/?r=files/view/FX-Logo

Programming Guidelines:

  • Must join the BoonEx Community, Unity
  • Must adhere to BoonEx Guidelines
  • Any modules created for the open source software will be tested first
  • Rules apply to modules and templates

Party Guidelines:

  • You can throw a party for us at any convention
  • Sure, you can have a meet n greet, just make sure in the blurb you are stating whether or not site staff will be present.
  • Follow the convention's guidelines, if they say no parties, then no parties..
  • Official FX Parties in the past have been social mixers that are not adult rated out of the realm of alcohol. You may have an adult themed party if you'd like, but remember to be responsible and present resources for a safe and fun environment.

Other Guidelines

  • Coming soon

We hope that you consider donating your talents to FX! Enjoy the site!