Dear Members of FurriesXtreme

Please help us stay around for a long time! Every $1 helps us keep a float and we love the network just as much as you do! We need help covering the costs for the site. 

If everyone gave just $1 per year our costs would be covered! 

Plus you get some pretty PAWsome benefits, check them out here!

Ways to donate: 


GoogleWallet???? [email protected]
Apple Pay ???? [email protected]
PayPal???? Click the link
Venmo???? [email protected]
BitCoin (Coinbase)???? Click the link
Circle (BitCoin)???? Click the link
Square Cash???? $shymatsi
LiteCoin Ethereum or BitCash ???? Click Here
Zelle [email protected]



  • CircleBits Address: 15GjfvT9GgmtnNRexPmqWEdam2VR6pvjwU
  • CoinBase Bitcoin: Donate $1 Bitcoins coinbase address: 1GXsav96k8urWCXedVm2t9HEgU4aH4PZLg

Monthly costs: $85

Yearly costs: $1,020 

FurriesXtreme currently runs on upgrades from our VIF patrons and private funds of the creator, Shy Matsi. We are a particular type of furry network, so we don't have a lot of requests for ad space. Shy was able to handle the costs on his own for the past decade and the past 4 years, with your help, has aided him with the costs. Thank you!

The spreadsheet below was created to help out and to keep the donations transparent to the community. This way you'll know how much is coming in and who is donating. Any extra donations will go into modules for the site to add extra features to help improve areas on the site. 

We love the community, and we love it Free and Without annoying ads. Please help us keep it this way! 

If you can donate via other methods, please send a message to ShyMatsi here or on Telegram (@shymatsi).