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  •  TeaFusky: 

    I’m @Fuskers :3  Send me your fav kink telegram channel and let’s talk about it ;p 

     10 days ago 
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  •  Madmatriarch: 

    Would love to make some new friends/chat with new people!

    Find me @pearlescenthyena down for chatter and possibly rp! Hmu and let me know a little about yourself :3c

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  •  AlphaWolfGirl: 

    I like making friends so If anyone wants to talk my Telegram is @AlphaWolfMutation 

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  •  AlphaWolfGirl: 

    Mine is @AlphaWolfMutation

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  •  HorseMan33: 


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  •  BlackSiege: 

    If you want to add me:

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  •  Mappy: 

    Hi,i'm a nice friendly squirrel from holland and I search a relationship and friendship who think the same as me and same opinion!I'm still single and I have never been a relationship before a long time.
    i'm gay and I like younger guy between 18 to 26 and i'm 36

    my telegram is: @Mappy82

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  •  ZarekWilfurs: 


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  •  Sejd: 

    Among the familiar Telegram nobody uses, the main means of communication is XMPP.

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  •  railthefox: 

    my ones @railthefox 


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