We have a twitter poll - After a week, we'll see how that goes then we will bring it here on FX. 

FurriesXtreme is a free network, running on the donations of generous furs and ShyMatsi's paychecks (because we don't get enough donations). Unfortunately, Shy cannot front the bill much longer and now we are considering various options. The goal is to keep the site running and to keep it free, however in 2017 we may go to a paid/free membership structure. 

The current plan would be to start charging for standard memberships in January of 2017, for $4.00USD per year. However, we aren't planning to get rid of free memberships, they will just have limits that are similar to other niche sites like FetLife. Similar to the limits we have now, so you may not notice much of a change depending on your contributions and activity on the network. 

What are your thoughts about this? We'd like to know! 

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  •  AdamTheForsaken: 

    Hmm, $4/ Year is dirt cheap when one considers yearly domain plans add up to as much as a couple hundred or more a year before you factor in employee costs for mods and other help you might employ to improve the site. I would be down for that because even during times of financial hardship $4 a year is nothing. I pay more in taxes than that.

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  •  MakellynMalamute: 

    If by "similar to FetLife" you mean taking away the ability for free accounts to post/view videos, I'm gonna have to bail. While $4 isn't much, that would actively kill the website since most folks don't wish to pay for porn.

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  •  S-Config: 

    Well, you do whatever you guys have to do in order to survive. If it's $4 a year, sure why not. My primary disagreement isn't really the fee. That's actually sensible so long as it's based off of the bandwidth and storage used on a per-user account basis.You pay for what you get out in even exchange. You really have to watch that or else people will leave.

    Please forgive me if I'm out of line for stating this. But my problem is the monthly cost in general. And without seeing analytic data I'm not sure if the justification of two dedicated servers is really necessary.  I'm not saying that it isn't expensive to run a service like what you're doing and kudos to you for keeping it free to the furry community whilst putting up all of the drama that comes with it.

    I guess what I'm saying is with the bank of furies in the community that run servers or are working for IT firms is $275+/mo really the best out there based on your trending traffic valuation? and by $275/mo we aren't really talking about one brand now are we? this is for F4L and FX, hense two servers. Would $4 be the fixed rate and have you factored in other scenarios such as possible licensing costs so it does not spike? What about future plans? This place will be 501c or LLC? New features? 


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  •  Wintercat72: 

    Maybe ads from SL, BD, and IMVU perhaps? Or think about adding new features for premium members so that some of the normal stuff for free members won't get docked so much. I mean I'd be fine paying $4 a month when I have it, but as long as free membership doesn't become tediculously limited like what the dating sites like furfling does and stuff I'd be pretty cool with a premium

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  •  Eclipticca: 

    Sorry but I really don't like sites that force users to pay for better site features, in fact it turns me right off and I usually end up deleting my account because of that. Too many furry sites do this already (especially dating sites), and there are very few good furry sites left out there that still offer full site features. Perhaps down-scaling some of the site features would reduce costs? Just my opinion.

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  •  JiraiyaHull: 

    Four dollars is extremely reasonable. Also, many thanks to Shy for his contributions. If this plan goes into effect, I'll gladly pay.

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  •  Techwolf_Lupindo: 

    Only if there is no paypal involved. I suggest a pre-paid card like Steam and may other online games use. This way one can pay with cash without having to sign over there firstborn of info.

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  •  Brexxie: 

    I would glady pay 4.00 a year

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  •  KFP: 

    I'm assuming that the chat wouldn't be a free "membership stat"?

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  •  Doberman_Guard: 

    The site being free is always going to be a big plus, especially for the ocean of furs with low funds to share on such things, but having such a low fee if I read that right (Kinda wondered if 4.00 was a typo:P) makes it quite a reasonable endeavor, cause even the poorest can afford that.  My only concern then is if it suddenly got hiked by a huge amount, just to see how well that would go over. 

    But yea, you guys do what you gotta do.  The donating process definitely needs to be streamlined and able to accept credit/debit cards like any site that is selling some sort of product.  I was going to donate recently but the process that allowed me to last month has since disappeared, and instead replaced with ones I've never used in my life. 

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