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Remember when filling out the Join Application for FurriesXtreme, that the required fields must be fully completed. The completed information must be valid information. "Will come back later" or "Just ask me for info" is not sufficient. This community is for the furry fandom. You must be furry to join, and to verify this, we look for infurmation. (see what I did there?)

If you do not fill in the application with some valid information, do not have a fursona description, or just fill in random text, your Join Application may be rejected. To become a member, you MUST fill in the required fields and have some furry information in your profile. This keeps FX, furry xclusive!

Descriptions: This is what we really use the most when approving profiles. 

  • Cool Description: My fursona is a orange fox with black hair, black gloves and black ears. His underside is white, and so is his tail tip. He's cute n stuff, and loves to make new furiends! 
  • Uncool Description: I'm a fox. ^^ I don't feel like writing more, haha ahah ahsdkwjalkdfjsalkgiao will fill in later

Emails: If we see a domain from a 10minute or disposable mail service, that too will be rejected.

More information: It's recommended to check out the Fursona Section on Wikifur to see how a fursona is created.