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Furry (Furries/Anthros/Anthropomorphic/Funny Animals/Were/etc…)
So what is a furry anyway?

From ShyMatsi’s point of view: Furries are fans of Anthropomorphic Animals, that is animals who have human like characteristics or traits. These types of animals are seen in various forms of popular media, from movies and cartoons, to story books, myths and artwork. The community takes it further and creates characters to represent themselves in the community using their imagination, and the media we have seen in popular culture as a guide.

Social Equality Network
This is a social equality furry network that is ran by furries for furries. After reading that you are now probably thinking, social equality? What exactly does that mean?
First of all, the social networking part is the biggest goal. We are looking to connect you to other furries and that is the main goal. We have a lot of tools to help you do that, and to find furries with your unique interests in mind! You can create sub communities in our network for just about anything, you can post in our forums, write blogs, chat in a live chatroom (text or video supported), share media (photos/videos/files/sounds), post ads and more! Secondly, the equality is very important too! Everyone one has the same opportunity on this site to connect to as many users as you’d like and be an active top user. Your efforts for just going out to a random profile and greeting someone is what gets you noticed here. This is not to put down the other networks in the fandom that focus more on the arts, but not all of us are artists, writers, musicians, fursuiters, extroverted socialites, or popufurs.

What we are VS. What we are not
We are one of the only furry sites that focus on the offline life of adult furries. Sure we don’t mind you sharing pics of our character, but we also want to see you, the furson behind the computer! Especially the naughty side of you!
We are also for the furry community. If you are new to furry, I encourage you to first go to a site like Wikifur.com and find out more about the community to make sure it is for you. Once you develop your own fursona, come back to us and sign up to be a part of the great network!
We are not an art gallery, check Wikifur.com for a list of those. You can post it here, but that’s not what this community is for.

Donations (http://www.furriesxtreme.org/page/donate)
Hosting for all this great content isn’t cheap, and we don’t get a lot of donations, every bit helps. After you donate, let us know, we can then upgrade your membership to a VIF and this will give you more great features on the network and feature you too. For a list, check out our comparison chart.

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