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"All of our joshing aside, find someone who you can talk well with, before you try talking with your mouth full."



Not a member yet and wondering what this site is all about?

This is a Social Network for Adults Only in the Furry Fandom! Think of it like Facebook, but everyone on the network is a furry.. If you want to sign up, you must be over 18 and you must indicate a species, furry description, or another furry website you are on. As the Network is Xclusively Furry. If we can't tell you are a furry, you will be denied access, and are welcome to re-apply. Come join over 14,000 others! :)

What can you do on the site? Will I enjoy it?

Every user's experience is different. Personally, we hope you'll enjoy it and if you like social networking.. We have all the features you love:

  • Create and Customize a Profile
  • Add and Block Friends
  • Instant Messaging
  • Desktop and Smart Phone Mobile Apps
  • Online Canvas, like the software Open Canvas, but on FX
  • Locate Furs Near you via zip code search
  • Locate Furs Anywhere via a Google World Map
  • Blogging
  • Upload Images
  • Create Albums
  • Upload Videos
  • Upload Sounds
  • Participate in Forums
  • Participate in Polls
  • List your favorite websites in our link Xchange
  • Post Events
  • Create your own Community or Group within FX
  • Post Comments on a Profile Wall
  • Get Notified when someone visits your page
  • Receive and Exchange mail in the site
  • Find Furs Near you
  • Chat Rooms
  • Video and Audio Support
  • And so much more..

Interested? Then you may like this community. If you like the sound of it but are too young or don't like the Adults Only aspect, you may want to try our sister site: Furry4Life.org

Latest News
We have some important maintenance being done tomorrow on the network, during this time we may have some downtime.
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